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                  Add:Ji Hua West Road Chancheng Foshan

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                  About us

                    Hatchman Ceramics Co. Ltd. is located in Foshan City, one of the leading producing areas of Chinese ceramics. The company is a modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of high quality ceramic products. We mastered the worlds most advanced furnace technology, and have imported a full set of Italian ceramic production equipments helping to build the first-class products in the industry. Our products have been authorized by the ISO9001-2000 International Quality System. With improved and effective marketing management, Hatchman has established a high-standard quality control system in the pursuit of zero defect productions.

                    The major products of Hatchman are upscale ceramic tiles in all sizes and full set of sanitary products

                    Hatchman has the strictest standard in raw materials selection and our products are of high strength, super wearable, anti-compress and highly anti-fouling due to our unique high-temperature and slow-burning process.  All the physical and chemical indicators are higher than the national standards. 

                     Hatchman emphasizes on quality and prestige. We sincerely welcome all customers to visit our company and are willing to cooperate with you!

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